ESL TUTOR (English as a Second Language) CORNER (fee-based)


Dr. Richard has 15 years experience teaching/tutoring in Korea at all levels of English and all ages (children, middle/high school, university, and adults). He loves to talk with, encourage, and bless language learners. He also loves to help language learners learn Biblical English. He also has an ESL TEACHING CERTIFICATE: Vancouver, BC, Canada.


PRE-REQUISITES before appointment:

We don’t give refunds so we strongly recommend the following should be done before booking an appointment:

  1. Pray: for God's will


  3. Listen

   4. See: BOOK ONLINE



Finally, here are a few resources to help your English:

1) see: USEFUL LINKS. Then #3. Biblical ESL

2) see: RESOURCES.     Then Section 2 Christian Books. Then B. BIBLICAL ENGLISH (Dr. Richard)


We look forward to hearing from you -


A Cheerful Heart - Dr. Richard
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