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Altogether Lovely Ministries:  SITEMAP

HOME  Teachings, biblical meditations, worship

     MINISTRY INFO       Information about this site: creator, testimony, what we believe, etc.

     CONTACT US       How to contact us (email address), worship, donate (please don't feel obligated).

     WE CAN VISIT     Dr. Richard loves to teach. Sample teachings & information to contact him.

SITEMAP   This page: webpages, how to enjoy this site, & worship (see below: Gospel Music/Born Again).     

SONG OF SONGS   Song of Songs: worship, teachings, books, meditation verses.


KNOW GOD               How to know God personally. Salvation message/prayer, meditations, videos.

DISCIPLESHIP          Everyone should get discipled. A course to get people foundated in Christ.

HEALING                   Multiple books, teachings, meditations, etc. on how to heal in Christ.

MARRIAGE             Helping couples improve their marriage or helping couples struggling in marriage. 

END TIMES             The Study of God's Plan and Purposes for the ages. Teachings and great charts!! 

APOLOGETICS      Helping understand what religions & cults believe and how to minister truth to them.

RESOURCES             Multiple teachings, Christian books, meditations, Dr. Richard teachings, etc.

     USEFUL LINKS         Multiple Christian sites. Bible, healing, kids, ESL, Christian ministries, etc.    

     ESL                              Dr. Richard & his wife can be contacted to teach English as a Second Language. 

     MINISTRY OPTIONS   How can I or my church minister the Gospel? Multiple ministry ideas and tools.

     FOR KIDS  A story for kids, links to kid's sites, prayer for salvation

     CHRISTMAS          Christmas worship, videos, meditations. A Christmas blessing.                                            Names of God (clik pic)

      EASTER                 Easter worship, videos, meditations. It's FRIDAY but SUNDAY'S COMING!!



This is a Christian teaching site with multiple teachings. You could spend hours just learning about all that is available here.

Here are a few "samples" on this site to make your experience easier if you are new to this website:

                              Throughout this site you will see black ovals with words inside. These are Worship Songs. There are multiple kinds

                              of worship: eg) Gaither, African Worship, Individual artists & groups, Hillsong, etc. etc. Something for everyone!!


                               You will see "pics" throughout the site. These are either teachings or youtube teachings. This is my favorite.


A TIME TO MEDITATE:   A few of the pages will have Biblical Meditations (becoming a lost art unfortunately). As you scroll down you

                                        will see them on select pages. Follow the instructions and prepare to be blessed!!

SONG OF SONGS:  This is my favorite page. Many theologians will spend a lifetime on one book of the bible. This leads a person to 

                                 be directed throughout the bible to deepen their understanding of the book God has led them to. We would 

                                 encourage you to take time to study this teaching:   SONG OF SONGS

(make ppt. into book):  Many of these teachings are made into power point so you can download them and use them to teach. 

                                       By pressing on the "link" here you can learn how to make them into a book for yourself or a group.

Altogether Lovely Ministries
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