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Here are a few different ways you can minister the Gospel of Jesus Christ. 

Remember: GOD CAN USE YOU!!


1Bible School

Altogether Lovely Ministries is proud to offer the Born Again Christian saint

an opportunity to take courses or to start: 


Whether you wish to take classes, are a missionary wanting to grow your ministry, a pastor wanting to disciple your flock and see your ministry grow, a saint who is on fire for God and wanting to build God's kingdom, etc. - now you have the opportunity. Please feel free to download the following files and with prayer, a listening heart, and God's grace - you can start YOUR BIBLE SCHOOL.  The Bible School courses include learning to cut hair, language acquisition, teaching English, rope tricks, writing the bible, bible memorization, listening to God, waiting on God, your prayer life, personal bible study, worshiping Jesus, fasting, discipleship, scripture meditation, learning a worship instrument, Christian writing, Biblical art, Christian poetry, witnessing, evangelism, giving a testimony, preaching, gardening, providing water, and teaching Biblical English and Bible Studies.

GODLINES - Your Bible School

A. Biblical ESL Training

B. Biblical ESL Teaching

C. Discipleship - Devotional

D. Discipleship - Inner Healing & Evangelism        GOD CAN USE YOU!!

E. Home Missions

F. Overseas Missions

G. Lay Counseling

H. Christian Teaching & Discipleship

Transcripts - Certificates

2. Church  Cards

      Here is an idea that makes every church member an evangelist. Make multiple church cards the size of business cards. The one side can have the church logo, ministry times (services, weekday events, etc.), church info. or map, an invitation, etc. The other side can have a prayer to receive Christ or a short, touching story to lead people to Jesus. Every member of the church can carry these church cards with them and pass them out as they meet people or are led. A simple and effective way to invite people to church or to share the Gospel. This makes every believer a more effective evangelist.

3. Bible Tracts

      Bible Tracts are a wonderful way in which to share the Gospel, your testimony, or the message you feel led by God to share.

     First, people need the Lord Jesus. Any Gospel tract that shares the message of salvation should have a prayer in it that people can pray for salvation (whether you do it with them or they take the tract home and do it by themselves). Some examples can be found at: 

     Second, your own testimony (or someone else’s testimony) is very effective also. It should always contain: what I was like before, how God changed me, and how I became a Christian (again the Gospel message containing the prayer of salvation (or sinner’s prayer).  Remember, testimonies are very effective as it is someone’s own personal story. Home groups can make these for the church.

     Third, you may wish to share another topic. Maybe you wish to have something for Jehovah’s Witnesses with you at all time in case you come across some. Or, you may want to write one on God’s love, God’s peace, How to get to heaven, etc. You can find many  topics at

     A good Bible Tract minister always carries a few tracts with him/her in order to be prepared for any situation. Remember, you have the Holy Spirit and PRAYER will be your greatest asset. Keep your heart pure by confessing sin. Pray before you go out, while you are ministering, and when you get home for people you have met. GOD IS WITH YOU!!

And I pray that as you share your faith with others it will grip their lives too,

as they see the wealth of good things in you that come from Christ Jesus. (Philemon 1:6 TLB)


Websites on Tracts & Ministering Effectively

a) Multiple sites

​b) Make your own tracts

c) CCC tracts (multiple languages)

d) Tracts for kids (make/buy)

e) “Stronger” message

f) Born again (Japanese tract)

g) Multiple tract sites

h) Great stuff (worth searching)


4. Christian Magazine

     Putting together a Christian Magazine can be very effective for ministering the Gospel. In one way you can think of them as a “large tract” that can be handed out. They can also be left in coffee shops, businesses, churches, etc. etc. It is important to talk with the business owner to get permission and to keep an ongoing relationship with the proprietor.

     Christian magazines can also be used to raise funds for your ministry. If you are able to get people to advertise in your magazine, then you have a powerful fund raising mechanism. You can also leave an email address for people to write you if they wish to send donations.

     If you wish you can use more inexpensive brown paper and start with black & white. The magazine can be various sizes. We recommend starting with a two sided format in a size of your choice. Sometimes, a 8 ½ “ x 14” or a 11” x 17” (American) or A4 (21 cm x 29.7 cm) (Asian) can be used. Also, on a larger sized paper you can have 4-8 smaller sized boxes for advertising or Christian content (bible verses, bible quotes, etc.) You can even  alternate between both. To see how the front side of the magazine can look see the picture in this downloadable file:  YOUR MINISTRY

For more templates see: FREE INDESIGN TEMPLATES:



Advertising Content:

     It is wise not to put, for example, two drug stores in the same magazine. This prevents problems with businesses who are in competition.

Christian Content:

     The Christian content should have variety, You can have boxes titled:

Recommended Reading, Let’s Meditate on a Bible Verse, Famous Quote, Just for Fun (cartoon or joke), Devotional, Bible Quiz, Word Find, Crossword Puzzle, Christian Song (link to, etc.

     The text in the middle of the page can include such topics as:

A Missionary Story, God’s Grace in our Marriage, Who Am I (Bible verses on your identity in Christ), An Encouraging Story, Christian Growth, Can I Trust the Bible?, Kid’s Corner, Youth Corner, God’s Counsel (counseling corner), Christian Doctrine, An Ongoing Story or Book (add a section each month), Job Market.



      Please feel free to use our website for multiple resources for your magazine content.

     Here are some websites that you may find helpful or you can do your own search. When using material please be sensitive to copyright:










CHRISTIAN CARTOONS:  (go to GOOGLE IMAGES and type in “Christian Cartoons”)

BIBLE VERSES  (go to GOOGLE IMAGES and type in “Bible Verses”)


5. Church Plants

     A Church plant is a natural follow-up to handing out Bible Tracts or a Christian Magazine. It can be a very effective way to minister God’s Kingdom. They are surprisingly very easy to do if you are led by God’s Spirit. Start by getting 2-5 people together and lay a foundation through prayer. Then start a Bible Study and worship time and begin to invite friends or people you have met through handing out Tracts/Magazines. Stay focused on God’s Word, set up a What We Believe, and be centered on Jesus Christ.

     Once things get going you can move towards starting another church plant. Many times people get too comfortable in a setting they like and forget to “go into all the world” and start a new work. Basically, it takes 4-5 committed couples to get a church going.

     Basically, these are HOME CHURCHES. The advantage of home churches is that you don’t have any expenses. You also don’t get bogged down with paying for a building. If you grow, it is usually a simple thing to rent a school gym or a business (restaurant, etc.) for the morning or evening.

     The following is a file on different aspects of the church to help: THE CHURCH & STORIES (kids too) . May God bless you as you step out, led by God’s Spirit, and start a work to build God’s Kingdom.



As we look at most traditional churches we begin to notice that they are hardly used throughout the week. They contain kitchens, classrooms, and need upkeep. What if:

  • a trailer was put on the church site.

  • then bring 4-8 (or more) people to live in the trailers and get discipled. These men or women could be from broken homes, the street, detoxes, recovery centers, shelters, the mission field (burnt out or needing rest) etc.

  • these people could be discipled, healed, and encouraged through Christian ministry. Classes could take place in the morning and they could help with church cleanup, maintenance, and repairs in the afternoon. It would be a win/win situation and could be financed through government agencies among others.

  • Now, the great part!! As leaders are raised up houses in other towns could be rented. The leader would then take in people to their home from program graduates. The home would help these graduates make the transition back to society by helping them find work and a church as well as helping them in their continued walk with God.

  • The main church now becomes the “hub” for these homes and home churches with the main church pastor meeting together with the home leaders on a bi-weekly or monthly basis and always there to support their ministries.

  • Can you see the endless possibilities for a church building that sits empty throughout the week? People coming to Christ, people getting healed and encouraged, and people raised up for ministry as well as church plants started. And God is glorified!! But a warning!! Count the cost!



     The true story is told of a missionary pastor in Brazil who one night was leaving his church. As he walked by the gate he saw a child sleeping there. He said a prayer for the child and went home. The next morning when he arrived the child was laying there dead. The pastor was heart-broken and vowed to start to help the children. But he did something very unique. Instead of starting an “orphanage” he talked to his congregation and shared his vision. Soon parents and single-moms were taking children into their homes. They would take them out of the garbage dumps where they would find their food and anything to sell. They would take them off the streets. These children were now put into “families.” It wasn’t easy and many times these children left but there are amazing testimonies of God’s grace and changed lives.



6. Mission Trips

            An amazing way to get closer to God and to minister in God’s kingdom is to do a mission trip. Mission trips can be done in coordination with your church or with a sincere Christian brother or sister. They can be done locally (visit an orphanage, help at a summer camp or vacation bible school, or visit people at the hospital or shut-ins). They can be done in another province or state or in another country.

            You can also contact different organizations on the internet (see: ) and see when they are setting up a mission trip. We would also recommend contact and doing a Discipleship Training School. You spend 4 months in a classroom and then 2 months going to a country to minister. It is also good to have a few tools to use while on your mission trip. One man would do “rope tricks” to attract the children, then teach Bible songs, and then share the Gospel. There are many tools available and just be open to God using your gifts.

            Check out mission sites. Begin to pray. Mission Trips can be life-changing.


7. Mission Center

     There is a whole culture of people that will never enter a church. People who are severely wounded – outcasts – those with spiritual, mental, emotional, physical and financial needs. Consider starting a Mission Center (or turning your church into a Mission Center) that will minister to people 6-7 days a week throughout the day!!

      Are you willing to step out and either start a mission center outside your church or turn your church into a mission center? There are people around you right now who have come out of difficult circumstances and wish to minister to the hurting.


Stage One (Mission Center):

     The ministry would be mainly “non-professional” Christians (lay people) with a heart to minister through prayer, relationship, bible study, encouragement, etc. Be very upfront with this and minister through:

  • a drop-in center for people to come, relax, have a coffee. You could provide soups (add water to a cup/bowl), offer prepared sandwiches, drinks, etc. (could be sold at a reasonable price or for profit for the ministry).

  • SURVEY the local people. Do you think we need a mission for people during the day? Would you come? When would you come?

  • START: start slowly with an evening "Christian 12-step Open Meeting". Then an afternoon meeting. Then move to a noon-10pm day. Then two days. etc.....  God will lead you as you step out in faith.

  • During the "free time", every half hour or hour share a short devotional, sing a Christian song, and say a prayer. They could read books, fellowship, watch Christian movies, attend meetings, etc. 

  • You could also do the following kinds of meetings as led: AA/NA meetings, Alanon meetings, Christian 12-step meetings (open meetings first leading to closed meeting ministering to addictions & compulsive behaviors), abuse meetings (closed meetings started as people come forward & are discerned), etc. (see

  • You could offer haircuts (small fee), sell/give new/second-hand Christian books (watch that NWT, Book of Mormon, etc. aren’t put in the shelves), offer a convenience store (to offer food/snacks to people coming). Coffee/tea could be offered also (small price or donation).

  • Set up a Job Board where employees and employers could meet daily or weekly for work/workers.

  • Legally: could be a charitable organization for tax purposes.

       Or run the ministry as a church along with a convenience store.

       Or could be non-profit in that you would spend all money only on the ministry.

  • Consider having “special events” (a group come in to minister certain evenings, a special  testimony time, worship nights, nights to encourage upcoming worship groups/preachers) etc.

  • Have “teaching sessions” or conferences (weekdays or weekends) on addictions (alcohol, drug, sex, co-dependency, rage, food, tobacco, etc). These can be done on one area or mixed together. You can also do “basic Christianity”, healing, seniors, divorce, restoring families, raising children, etc. You have the facility – pray and God will lead you. Be open to people around you already.

  • Be sensitive to people to be raised up. People who will come under your authority who you can pray with and support people. Those who will minister as volunteers leading to possibly part/full time. In some countries a police check will be asked for.

  • Be sensitive to “predators” who will come in as “wolves in sheep’s clothing”. They can be sexual predators, from cults, from religions that are not like-minded in basic doctrine, etc.

  • An idea to spread out the ministry would be to have five couples who could share one or two offices to use when there. One day a week a couple would come and take care of the ministry (along with volunteers). One person could be providing coffee/relationship while the other person would be available to minister to people by praying and talking with them.  All five couples would be available on Sunday for services (morning service, afternoon international service and/or English service, youth service, and evening worship service). Some of these services could be done throughout the week. These offices would be available to use for their own ministry on other days of the week in order to meet with people they’ve come in contact with.

  • Be open to the immigrants. Many will not go to mainstream churches but love to fellowship with immigrants from different countries. An International service could be started with a different nation leading worship each week. English classes could be given. God is sending you the nations!!!!!

  • Advertise (papers, church cards, radio, etc.). Also do special “outreach/evangelism” events (concerts, Christian plays, etc.).

  • Imperative to have “DAILY MORNING PRAYER MEETINGS”. You are now ministering in Satan’s stronghold – these strongholds have to be broken down through prayer and fasting (see:  then see FASTING). Also we recommend prayer walks to break down strongholds (scroll down).

  • Thoughts on how to pay for this (an example): The 5 couples would pay for their office and donate their time one day a week plus Sunday. Funds could be raised through gov’t programs, fund raising events (banquets, worship services, etc.). Would require the right couples who are open to God’s power to change people’s lives. People who are balanced in their walks – open to praying and ministering to people from a layman’s perspective. People who understand “who they are in Christ” and the authority and power God has given them. People who can see the vision for the above. They should be discerned and adhere to evangelical, bible-based teaching (and the two orders of baptism after salvation & communion looking back to (remembering) Christ’s first coming (is death/resurrection) and looking forward to Christ’s Second Coming.


Stage Two (Retreat Ministry):

     Trust God for a facility out of town to take “discerned people” in order to minister to them at a deeper level. There are country churches with parsonages for sale now that could be converted. Trailers could be put on the property for the people to stay.

      A “men’s center”, “women’s center”, “teen center”, “family center” could be set up.

      A center for those returning from the mission field (helping them heal and get adapted back to the culture) could be set up.

      The individuals could pay through government funds (social services, etc.) or become self-sufficient with a work program.

     There would be a work aspect (kitchen, yard work, etc.) and ministry aspect (12-steps, journals, prayer, etc.) This center could also be open to people during evenings/weekends for healing services and/or regular church services. Funds could be raised through a shop (fixing cars, etc.), planting gardens/greenhouses, starting a food/bread bank, etc. Government funding could be available.

      People who go through this program could be discerned to become servant-leaders.


Stage Three (New Testament Home Churches):

     People from the above program could then leave and a home could be started to come to in order to get back into society. A three to five bedroom home could be rented and a leader put in the home to guide people. These homes would be small churches and places of safety and support with individual guidance, 12-step meetings, prayer meetings, bible study, and church services. A wonderful way to multiply God’s kingdom.


Stage Four (Expansion & Multiplication):

    All three of the above could be expanded and new places started. The five initial couples would see the vision to multiply themselves and start new centers, retreat ministries, and church homes. They’d always be looking for people to raise up and become servant-leaders!!!

     Please pray about this type of ministry. There are many hurting souls who won’t go to a church but will come to a safe place. God is doing “something new!!! Churches are closing down because there is a lack of prayer and meeting the needs of people who have been devastated by divorce, addictions, financial problems, etc. etc. God can powerfully transform lives through this kind of ministry. You will see some of these people eventually enter into mainstream churches if there are areas they can minister in – especially areas where they can minister to others with shared experiences.


8. Prayer Walks

     In order to break down the spiritual barriers and curses in a home, neighborhood, or city it is important to have a ministry of prayer. The churches that initiate DAILY prayer meetings are going to be those that will experience more opposition but will see more of the miraculous. Prayer moves God’s heart and prayer changes the hearts of the people.

    Prayer Walks can be done in people’s homes by walking through each room in a home. They can be done in neighborhoods by walking through the streets and verbally tearing down strongholds. They can also be done throughout the whole town or city with groups being set up in larger centers. Great movements of God were always birthed in the heart of a praying saint or saints.

     Here is a suggested prayer that can be used. They should always be done verbally and with at least two people present. One who is praying and the other who is discerning the spiritual condition of the home, neighborhood, or city.

     Heavenly Father we acknowledge that You are the Lord of Heaven and Earth. Through Your Sovereign Power You have given this family (these families) all things to richly enjoy. Thank You for this home (neighborhood, city). We claim this home (neighborhood, city) as a place of spiritual safety for this family (these families) and protection from all the attacks of the enemy. As children of God, raised up and seated with Christ in heavenly places, we command every evil spirit claiming ground in this home (neighborhood, city), based on the activities of past or present occupants including the present occupants to leave and never return. We renounce all curses and spells directed against this place (neighborhood, city). We ask You, Heavenly Father, to post Your holy, warring angels around this place (neighborhood, city) to guard it from any and all attempts of the enemy to enter and disturb Your purposes for this family (these families). We thank You Lord for doing this in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ. Amen.

9. More Thoughts:

a) Turn your church basement into a night time shelter. Get some matts and people can come from 10pm to  8am. A time of prayer and God's Word and Worship can be done in the evening or the morning. A volunteer would be needed to oversee this ministry at night. Needs wisdom and a servant's heart.

b) soup kitchen

c) food bank (even a "bread bank").  Have people come at a set time so you can pray for them in a group setting. Have prayer teams there to pray for individuals.

d) blanket ministry and/or coat ministry. Can be done with the food bank or distribute on the streets to homeless.

e) work program or "job board." Get people to advertise their jobs on the board at the church. Get a volunteer to head up this ministry. Pray for people needing work.

f) consider a Day-Care ministry

g) start a Christian 12-Step ministry for Christians recovering from grief, loss, addiction, etc. You can start with Worship. Then have someone read the 12-steps, read about a topic for the meeting (anxiety, trust, loss, fear, etc.), and say a prayer. Then go around the table and allow each person to share. You can close the meeting by putting people in groups to pray together. Finish with a worship song and prayer.

h) start a weekly or monthly healing service. Start with a prayer and short Bible teaching on healing. Have trained prayer teams available for people to come up front to and receive prayer. Have a pastor off to the side to pray for God's Anointing power upon individuals who come forward. The prayers teams can be available to go to people's homes, to pray for people after communion, or after the service.

i) conferences. Have special evening or weekend conferences on healing, grief, addiction, etc. Make sure you have your prayer teams there.

If you have any thoughts or suggestions, please feel free to contact us. Remember:

“Let us not lose heart in doing good, for in due time we will reap if we do not grow weary.” (Galatians 6:9)



That Times of Refreshing May Come






(Well Worth 52 minutes)

Who Is Jesus?

It's Friday...But Sunday's Coming!!

Via Dolorosa

The Old Rugged Cross

Love Story

That's My King

He's Alive

Was It A Morning Like This

He's Alive



If you wish to have forgiveness of sin, feel cleansed inside,

experience the Love of Jesus, and have Eternal Life (the Life of God)

you can pray this prayer out loud (from the heart): 

"Lord Jesus, the Bible says You love me....... that You showed Your love for me by dying on the cross for my sins. I agree with Your Word and know I am a sinner and have displeased You in many ways. I believe You died for my sin, and only through faith in Your shed blood shed on the cross can I be forgiven. I confess I am a sinner. Thank You that by faith in Your shed blood I am forgiven. I also know that only through faith in Your resurrection can I have eternal life in You. I  now ask You to come into my heart and life as my Savior and Lord. From this day on, I will follow You by living a life that pleases You through the Power of Your Holy Spirit. Holy Spirit, right now, fall upon me. Fill me with You Holy Spirit from the top of my head to the bottom of my feet. Fill me in my spirit, my mind, my will, my emotions, and every cell in my body. Thank you, Lord Jesus, for saving me and filling me with Your Holy Spirit. You are so good!! In Jesus' Name I pray. Amen." 




START BY WORSHIPING GOD. THEN PRAY THIS PRAYER: Father God, I come to You through faith in the shed blood of Jesus Christ for entry into Your presence, forgiveness, healing. Forgive me for ________. Holy Spirit, will You now fall upon me. Come fill my spirit, my mind, my will, my emotions, my sexuality,  and every cell in my body with You. Melt away anything not of You. Thank You Holy Spirit.  In Jesus' Matchless Name I pray.

Now find a phrase or verse to meditate on. You can scroll down & watch the waves/sky if you wish.


After these things the word of the Lord came unto Abram in a vision, saying,

Fear not, Abram: I am thy shield, and thy exceeding great reward. (Genesis 15:1)

Where there is no vision, the people perish: but he that keepeth the law, happy is he. (Proverbs 29:18)

And, behold, the glory of the God of Israel was there,

according to the vision that I saw in the plain. (Ezekiel 8:4)

For the vision is yet for an appointed time, but at the end it shall speak, and not lie:

though it tarry, wait for it; because it will surely come, it will not tarry. (Habakkuk 2:3)

And a vision appeared to Paul in the night; There stood a man of Macedonia, and prayed him, saying, Come over into Macedonia, and help us. And after he had seen the vision, immediately we endeavoured to go into Macedonia, assuredly gathering that the Lord had called us for to preach the gospel unto them. (Acts 16:9-10)

A man's gift maketh room for him, and bringeth him before great men. (Proverbs 18:16)

Altogether Lovely Ministries
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