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ESL TUTOR CORNER (English as a Second Language)  (fee-based)


Kim, Sung Hee has studied English for years. She has been married to Dr. Richard since

February 1997. Dr. Richard & Sung Hee met in Busan, Korea when she helped Dr. Richard

find the English Church he was going to. It was a short time after that God led them to marry.

In January 2011, the couple moved to Canada where they have lived until now. Sung Hee

has assimilated into the Canadian culture by raising her family there, working in a

restaurant & day care, attending church & bible study, and immersing herself in the

culture and language. Sung Hee has spend hour upon hour learning English through

self-study and cultural interaction. She is able to guide Korean English learners

as she has walked the walk, speaks Korean & understands Korean nuances,

and through her passion to see Koreans succeed. 

HOW IT WORKS: (appoint a leader to contact us and collect/pay monthly fees)       TIMES AVAILABLE: Canada - Korea (15 hrs. ahead)

INITIAL CONTACT:  email Sung Hee at:                   3pm-6am/4pm-7am/5pm-8am/6pm-9am/

MAKE APPOINTMENT: set up best times for your group.                                             7pm-10am/8pm-11am/9pm-Noon

PAY FIRST MONTHLY PAYMENT: [ $50 Canadian/hour =  50,000 won +/- ]                 (KOREA DAY: Monday/Wednesday/Friday 

(3 hours/week - 12 times a month).                                                                                                 or  Tuesday/Thursday/Saturday)

Group of 4:   $50 cdn  x 12 = $600/month  or $150/person  [ $12.50/hour ]

Group of 3:   $50 cdn  x 12 = $600/month or $200/person

Two people:  $50 cdn x 12 = $600/month  or $300/person

One on one:  $50 cdn x 12 = $600/month. 


EMAIL YOUR SKYPE "USER NAME(s)":  we will give you ours. 




Dr. Richard has 15 years experience teaching/tutoring in Korea at all levels of English and all ages (children, middle/high school, university, and adults). He loves to talk with, encourage, and bless language learners. He also loves to help language learners learn Biblical English. Dr. Richard has an ESL TEACHING CERTIFICATE from Vancouver, BC, Canada.

His fees and the method to contact him are the same as above. 

For information on Dr. Richard see:



1)  (Multiple Christian English Resources)

2)   Then #3. Biblical ESL

3)        Then Section 1. Scroll down to #11: For Children & ESL Learners

                                                                           Then Section 2 Christian Books. Then B. BIBLICAL ENGLISH (Dr. Richard's books)


We look forward to hearing from you -


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