Dr. Richard loves to WALK WITH PEOPLE and encourage/teach Christians especially those who are struggling in their Christian walk. This is NOT a “counseling site” but an ENCOURAGEMENT - MENTORING - TEACHING site. Many times people (in counseling or not) need someone to help, guide, mentor, disciple them – here’s where we come in!! As well, people struggling with compulsive - addictive behavior often need someone to come alongside them in their lives. Finally, we all need someone to just listen, share, care, and pray with us.


Richard comes from a “Christian education - theological” background. He also has TESL and Christian Counseling Certificates.

He also comes from an “experiential” Christian background as he has:

  1. been delivered from alcoholism and he continues to be involved in his own recovery.

  2. worked with addicts and understands the struggles, pain, fear, grief, etc. involved.

  3. walked through painful family issues and deep, traumatic losses. He understands today's family struggles.

  4. received biblical and secular counseling over the years.

  5. worked through personal depression issues and understands the despair and pain involved.

  6. attended conferences, teachings, counseling for his own personal Christian growth.

  7. learned the need to walk in the Spirit. He understands the battle of the fleshly, carnal nature.

  8. learned to understand hopelessness, despair, depression in his life and others.

  9. learned to discern "sinning" and "being sinned upon."


He can be an encouragement to those needing support with:

  • Salvation - Assurance of Salvation - Their Identity in Christ - Their Walk with God - Growing in Christ - Discipleship

  • Weight loss - Quitting Smoking - Sleep Loss - Depression - Anxiety - Fear - Despair - Low Self-esteem, etc.               

  • Addictions: Alcohol - Drugs - Food - Sex - Smoking - Pornography - etc.     

  • Spiritual problems - Spiritual oppression (you are not crazy)

  • Christian 12-Steps (including Step 5)


Again, this is NOT a counseling site but an encouragement, mentoring, discipleship, and teaching site.

We are here to support those either in counseling or those needing support, encouragement, and prayer in their lives.


PRE-REQUISITES before appointment:

We don’t give refunds so before booking your first appointment, you should do the following:

(This will help you understand Dr. Richard better and lay a foundation for your first meeting):

  1. Pray: for God's will


  3. Read:  GOD IN YOUR HEART    (Christian foundations)

  4. Listen




A Cheerful Heart - Dr. Richard
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